Flashcharge Batteries Military applications


Modern warfare requires a growing use of battery-powered Integrated Soldier Technology, which aims to incorporate a modular system of all the equipment that already-overburdened soldiers carry to increase their overall effectiveness in the battlefield: radios, weapons and their sighting systems.

Each soldier may carry a dozen devices and 70 batteries on their backs, totaling more than 100 pounds (16 pounds usually belonging to the rechargeable batteries). This weight slows down soldiers on foot, forces them to periodic resupply, and contributes to physical injuries caused by excessive weight. A combination of portable solar panels with fast-charge, flexible, wearable batteries like FlashCharge Batteries may help shave several pounds off the backs of soldiers.

Also, many military operations take place at locations with severe weather conditions, but low temperatures limit the charging capability of conventional lithium-ion batteries while high temperatures accelerate self-discharge.