Flashcharge Battery Solution

The FlashCharge Batteries Solution

Introducing the world’s first Solid-State Supercapacitor that performs like a fast charging battery

We’ve called our company FlashCharge Batteries so regular customers easily understand that we offer a fast charging battery, although our product is technically speaking a supercapacitor.

Most supercapacitors are liquid and, like batteries, operate based on electrochemical reactions. Not ours, since it’s an all-solid-state supercapacitor that works based on electrostatic principles.

Compare our solution

FlashCharge Batteries energy storage devices comparison table

Our mediator solid-state supercapacitor:

  • Charges 40 times faster

    Imagine, just a couple of minutes to charge your cell phone.

  • Has 20 times more power

    Starting electric motors much faster.

  • Has No Chemical Leakage Hazard

    Therefore, the casing is very inexpensive as it does not need to be chemical leak proof.

  • It’s Not Flammable

    Electric cars don’t need to explode any more.

  • Longer Lifetime

    Easily handles 50,000 charge/discharge cycles.

  • It’s Flexible

    Just imagine your next flexible cellphone and wearable gadgets!

  • It’s Semi-Transparent

    Just imagine your next flexible, semi-transparent cellphone!

  • Works in Extreme Temperatures

    It works from temperatures as low as -30°C (-22°F) to as high as 80°C (176°F), greatly expanding its applications.

As of today, the only limitation of our solid-state supercapacitor is that it handles about half of the energy density and specific energy of a similar lithium-ion battery—in plain English, each charge lasts half as much.

It’s time for a Paradigm shift

We are currently researching new technology expected to double the energy density and specific energy of a similar lithium-ion battery.  We plan on having the prototype fast charging battery ready by 3rd quarter 2018.