GreenTech Endeavors - Revolutionary Cleantech Startups

GreenTech Endeavors is a cleantech garage/incubator that licenses clean technologies from American Universities to bring these technologies to market. GreenTech Endeavors  also invests in early stage cleantech startups.

GreenTech Endeavors is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Will Perego. Since 2010, Will and his partners have been working on a related project: the development of a self-sustainable, off-the-grid neighborhood called Green City. Within Green City, they plan on having the first cleantech research park in the United States.

GreenTech Endeavors serves three purposes:

  • Brings revolutionary clean technologies to market—one being FlashCharge Batteries.
  • Creates several of the technologies needed for the Green City project.
  • Jump-starts the development of Green City’s research park.

For more information about GreenTech Endeavors, please visit GreenTech Endeavors’ website

Investing in FlashCharge Battteries is betting on a greener future and cleaner planet.  Please contact us for further information.